Center Maryland: Inside Out with Guest Donald Fry


Donald Fry, President and CEO of the Greater Baltimore Committee, discusses why it’s critical that members of the General Assembly focus on funding for transportation this year. He also explains why 2013 is the perfect window of opportunity for meaningful energy legislation to be approved.

Center Maryland: Inside Out is a video politicast featured on Center Maryland. Lisa Harris Jones joins Damian O’Doherty to discuss Maryland’s growth, investment and infrastructure policies with various political insiders and elected officials. Center Maryland: Inside Out brings political realities to the forefront of the discussion, advancing reasonable and responsible ideas.

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Lisa Harris Jones is an Attorney at Law and Lobbyist, Member and Founder of Harris Jones & Malone, LLC. Damian O’Doherty is a Corporate Communications Strategist, a Principal of KO Public Affairs LLC, and Co-Founder of Center Maryland.